mr. Vian Vonken


Vian Vonken

We take a pragmatic approach here, with an eye for costs.

Expertise: employment law 

Vian Vonken specialises in employment law. He is used to taking a practical approach to matters, from both the employer’s and the employee’s point of view.

He was a member of the UWV Dismissal Advisory Committee on behalf of employers for many years, and is therefore very familiar with UWV procedures.

He has specific expertise in the field of dismissals, reorganisations, collective labour agreement law and scope research, civil service law, cross-border labour disputes, proceedings in the banking sector and proceedings against supranational organisations such as NATO.

Mr. Maurice Sijben has registered the following specialisations with the Dutch Bar Association:
– Labour law
This registration requires you obtain ten training points annually in each registered legal area in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

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