mr. Maurice Sijben


Maurice Sijben

I see my work as a game of chess, a challenge that requires creative solutions.

Expertise: employment law and mediation

Maurice Sijben has been working as a lawyer (in the Limburg district) for over 34 years. He is trained as an employment law specialist. Maurice Sijben is also a member of the Dutch Association of Mediation Lawyers (NVVMA).

In the field of employment law, he deals with, among other things, dismissal, labour disputes, reorganisations and takeovers, non-competition clauses, employers' liability and civil service law. He publishes publications and presentations, and is also associated with several companies, associations and foundations in South Limburg as an advisor, director and supervisory director.

In mediation, Maurice Sijben’s help is mainly sought in employment disputes, but also in family law issues and various other problems.

Mr. Maurice Sijben has registered the following specialisations with the Dutch Bar Association:
– Labour law
- Insolvency law
This registration requires you obtain ten training points annually in each registered legal area in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.


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