mw. mr. Lieke Isenborghs


Lieke Isenborghs

Can’t as a word doesn’t exist.

Expertise: procedural law, employment law, rental law and construction law.

Lieke graduated in 2003 and has since worked for two legal expenses insurers, as well as in the legal profession.

She has assisted private clients, SMEs and larger companies in a wide variety of legal issues and disputes.

In 2018, Lieke moved to Sijben & Partners Advocaten and is mainly involved in general (litigation) practice including employment law. Lieke also specialises in rental law and construction law. Lieke is also a member of the association for construction lawyers (VBR-A). 

Working closely with the client. That’s her motto. She looks for solutions that do legal justice to the situation, but can also empathise with the often emotional aspects that clients experience during legal conflicts.

Mw. mr. Lieke Isenborghs has registered the following specialisations in the register of legal areas of the Dutch Bar:
– General practice; civil
– Civil procedural law.

This registration requires you obtain ten training points annually in each registered legal area in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

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